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This baby picture of me describes me more than anything else. Seriously! I sit in odd positions in chairs, love to sleep, don’t worry about much and have lots of right-leg related issues. Ok fine, I’ll stop being weird.

Hi! I’m Sophia, but many people simply call me Fia. I’m at a university (you’ll probably figure out which eventually) and won’t get into my year because I don’t actually know when I’m graduating. There will be a master’s degree in aerospace engineering involved on said mysterious graduation day though, so no worries. In the meantime I switch between being on co-op with lots of fun and personal time, and going to school where I rarely leave the engineering quad and don’t really know what’s going on in the outside world. So no promises on these posts when school starts in September, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. One other thing: notice I’m studying engineering. So please don’t judge me on my writing… I try! I always got A’s in English, but it was only so long before I completely forgot the correct usage of commas or the meaning of run-on sentence and use both at will. Spelling is also not my forte, but for that there’s Spell Check.

My interests are all over the place. It’s like when my brain was forming it continuously clicked random on Wikipedia and decided it liked each thing it came across. The main game plan here is when I take a short break from my work or studies to write about something I’ve been thinking about, Stumble-Uponed, or cooked last night. So neither you nor I really know what the next post might be about, but that’s what makes things exciting, right? ;)

When I was little I was incredibly disorganized. I lost everything, and of course my mother made the age-old claim I would have “lost my head if it wasn’t attached to my body”. So while growing up one of my main objectives was to work on my organizational skills. That effort has worked pretty well, and caused me to categorize everything. Including blog posts. So here are preliminary categories….

  • Last Night’s Dinner (I cook a lot and like to share it with others. I’ll include recipes on request)
  • Runner’s High (Stuff about running, my runs, etc. I never know what my runs will include)
  • Nerdathon (I’m a nerd. Let’s get real here. The really nerdy things will have this sort of title)
  • Travelry (My travels, other’s travels, places I’d like to travel)
If something doesn’t fit in one of these I’ll find something to do with it, but hey, it’s a start, right?